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A little about this tiny-weenie company

Hi, my name is Laurie!


I live in sunny San Diego, CA with my husband, two teenagers, and our dogs. This charming beach town is also where Earthly Crush products call home before being shipped off to my earth-loving customers. 

Earthly Crush sprouted out of my home kitchen in March of 2020 when we all had some time to get creative. I had read that about 90% of recycling ended up in the landfill after being picked up by waste management. This was extremely disheartening news considering I had been coaching my family in the proper rinsing and sorting procedures of recycling for years. It felt as though our efforts to use plastic responsibly were making no difference at all. So I thought, "Why couldn't we just skip the plastic bottles all together?!" 

After scouring the internet in quest of a solution, I discovered the main ingredient in most cleaning products is water! Which meant we were buying these plastic bottles mainly to hold high volumes of a liquid we already had in our homes. I spent the next year testing formulas (sans water) all while making them plant-based, biodegradable, visually pleasing, and most importantly plastic-free. This is where Earthly Crush's solid dish soap, shampoos, and conditioners were born. 

I celebrate anyone putting in the work to heal our planet so I've found other small companies making glass, paper, or tin consumer goods whose products are also available on my page. Thus, encouraging us 'tree-huggers' to continue to support each other in pursuit of a sustainable world.

My husband, friends, and teens make this tiny-weenie business possible. It's been an incredible learning experience for us all.

We thank you for supporting Earthly Crush and recognizing that if we all do a little then a lot can be done.





The company's mission is simple, we aim to help everyone make small changes for the greater good. It's amazing what humans can accomplish when millions of us come together. In fact, that's how we ended up in such an extreme plastic crisis in the first place, millions of people mindlessly using and disposing of plastic waste. But we can turn that around without compromising on performance, convenience, or luxury. That's why we sell functional products that are designed to reduce waste and one's overall environmental impact, while still creating beautiful eye-catching additions to your home.

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