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Why Amazon?

Buying plastic-free consumer products isn't an easy option for everyone. Amazon provides access to earth-friendly alternative products at varied price points. Amazon customer reviews help new buyers feel more confident in plastic-free products sold on the platform. Amazon reaches billions of customers worldwide who may decide to make different (and, we believe, better) choices when purchasing everyday products. In support of reducing waste, here are some useful guidelines for making Amazon less wasteful.

How to make Amazon gentler to the Earth

Request Paper over plastic

You can help make a difference by contacting Amazon's customer service team with a simple request - ask that future orders be shipped plastic-free with minimal packaging. This information will be saved to your account to ensure that every order you place is environmentally friendly.

Reduce your Amazon returns

Amazon returns are convenient; however, it can lead to excess transportation and waste. There is speculation that if the return is not re-packaged or missing parts, it may end up in a landfill.  Also, be sure to carefully re-package your order so it doesn't require new packaging once returned.

Combine Shipments

Click that 'combine items' shipment button. Yes, it may take a day or two longer but it will make a big impact by reducing transportation emissions and packaging materials. 

Buy Used Items

Did you know you can shop secondhand Amazon? This is especially a great function for things like technology, books, clothing, household items, and beyond.  Check out Amazon Warehouse for quality pre-owned, used, and open boxed items.  Click here to find. 

Plastic Film Air Cusions

You can greatly reduce your plastic waste by not throwing plastic film bubble air cushions into your garbage can. Plastic film, including grocery bags, bread bags, and any plastic wrap, cannot go into your city recycling bin. Save all your plastic film separately and bring it to your local Walmart or Target for recycling

Amazon Aware

Amazon, which has its own internal brands, recently launched Amazon Aware—a line of products created with more intentional, eco-friendly, and renewable resources. This includes using organic cotton and recycled materials. Additionally, all products in this line are carbon-neutral.

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