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Watch Us Cut Grease

It's true, a liquid dish soap by nature does a good job of coating a greasy surface due to that fact that liquid flows freely. The nature of a solid dish soap is that the product needs to be extracted with the use of a sponge or brush.  You need to extract enough product so it can evenly coat your greasy frying pan just like the liquid does.  In fact, the grease cutting ingredients are no different between the two types of products.  So, if you have the experience or impression that our solid dish soap doesn't cut grease, you may need to see how a solid dish soap works. This is new way of doing things so it may take some getting used to switching from a liquid to a solid dish soap.


  • After using your pots and pans, rinse them out or let them soak until you are ready to wash them. 

  • The hotter the water, the easier it is for the grease to soften and be washed away by the surfactants in the soap.

  • Rubber gloves will protect your hands from hot water and keep any bacteria out of any micro cuts you may have on your hands.

Watch us wash our crusty, greasy pans from last nights dinner...oh, we are using our Full Circle coconut scouring pad. 

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